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Hang 3 Chinese coins tied together with red ribbon on the back of your front door handle. This will attract Auspicious money.






The Year of the Dog 2018

From Feb 16th 2018  to  Feb 4thFeb 2019

The year of the brown earth dog will be better than last year for most. It is a year to know what you want and get what you want. Born with a good nature, dogs need a quiet life and good family. They are always ready to help others and prefer a career based on serving others. Those compatible with dogs will be ambitious and focused, busy and successful with a focus on real estate, agriculture, environment, territory integrity or religious, spiritual areas. This will surely be a year with good educational opportunities.

Best year for: tigers, rabbits, horses
Good year for: pigs, monkeys, snakes
Mixed year for: ox, rats
Complex year for: dragons, goats, roosters

DOG: This year the dog will need to spend more time with family and friends to keep those bonds strong. This is also the year to show off their talents and get noticed. There will be lots of surprises and shocks for the dog with new opportunities and ventures in uncharted territories. Double check all documentation and be practical when planning ahead. Dogs should stay away from investments. This could be a lonely year for the dog and wise to make an effort to be more active joining various social groups. Daily stress will cause a weak immune system with a possibility of returning chronic diseases. Keep your energy levels up and get enough sleep. Watch your diet and reduce stress levels for the year to go well.

Celebrities Born in the Year of the Dog: Winston Churchill, Benjamin Franklin, Bill Clinton, Herbert Hoover, Golda Meir, Voltaire, Marcel Proust, George Gershwin, Jane Goodall, Socrates, Lucy Maud Montgomery, Prince William, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Anna Paquin, Brad Renfro, Ellen DeGeneres, Heather Graham, Jessica Biel, Kelly Clarkson, Kirsten Dunst, LeAnn Rimes, Leelee Sobieski, Queen Latifah, Ryan Cabrera, Shirley McLaine, Susan Sarandon, Thora Birch, Uma Thurman, Dakota Fanning, Moises Arias, Andre Agassi, Confucius, Sun Quan (King of Wu in China’s Three Kingdoms Period 220 - 280), Li Yuan (the first emperor of the Tang Dynasty 618 - 907), Zhou Enlai (the first Premier of PRC)

RAT: This will be an average year for the rat. When running out of energy take time off to relax, do some yard work, yoga, tai chi etc as long as you take good care of yourself. Makes friends instead of enemies and appreciate all the good friends you already have. They will lend a hand when you are in need. Watch your temper and think before you speak. Finances will be fine, invest wisely and cautiously. Make use of decision making and PR skills for a possible promotion.  Health wise watch liver and kidneys.

OX:  This year might become a little difficult here and there as the ox style is dynamic rather than fussy and sensitive like the dog. However, oxen will have to keep awake and even be encouraged to focus on learning and studies. Keep a low profile and be productive behind the scenes in order to succeed this year. Oxen will have better luck if working with a female. Money will not come easily and the workload will increase. Try to be more flexible and learn to listen and communicate with others. It could be a year for tying the knot if already in a relationship. Pay attention to stomach and abdomen area and avoid late night work. Cut down on fatty oily food.

 TIGER:  The tiger is an ally to the dog making this a very superb year with good karma. Tigers will be best when fighting for justice, higher morals and values and be more caring for others. Work closely with those you are familiar with to avoid conflicts and bruised egos. Those who work in the public service will have progress or even a promotion. Refrain from listening to gossip. This year tigers will be smiling all the way to the bank and income will increase. Health is wonderful but the tiger may be easily depressed and worried. Avoid funerals and graveyards and spend a lot of time in the sun.

RABBIT:  Rabbits will feel comfortable this year especially those with an intellectual background. Others with a superficial lifestyle could find it difficult to proceed. Luck is good through the assistance of others. Ask for help from friends and colleagues. Plenty of love luck abounds especially with someone from an inner circle of friends. Married rabbits should stay away from temptation and not be overly friendly to the opposite sex causing strains on the relationship. Career is on the rise and finances are looking great.  Health will be good but monitor the food intake to avoid problems related to cholesterol and blood pressure.

DRAGON: This will be a stressful year for dragons with limited opportunities for money making. Spend wisely and keep some in the bank. Best strategy is to stay low and wait for a change. Creative dragons should have no problems in the year of the dog. Dragons need to practice plenty of patience and restraint or spend time apart from their partners. Be prepared for conflicts and obstacles at work and try to be clear headed. The dragon may be susceptible to stomach, chest and rib cage areas.

SNAKE:  This is a prosperous year for the year of the snake who will have plenty of assistance from friends and colleagues especially of the opposite sex. They should be careful however of speculative activities and investments. This is a good year for improving social life, luck and fortune. Romance is in the year with many opportunities for a new relationship. Good year to start a new career. Good health and stamina this year but moody emotions may cause mild insomnia, anxiety and other stress related health problems.

HORSE:  Several lucky stars this year on the horizon especially with wealth and career. Good year for investments and the stock market. The horse adapts easily to the intellectual and higher morals of the dog. Career will be on the rise as well as achievable goals and wishes. Romance may come but the horse will have to pursue his/her love life due to the overwhelming career and wealth luck. Good year for buying a first house. This is a good health year with occasional bruising and sprains through contact sports. Pay attention to heart, skin, eyes.

 GOAT: This is a mixed year of ups and downs for the goat who must be more alert than usual. The goat might easily lose his concentration and temper and a small amount of money. There is a chance of a promotion or a raise at work. Avoid borrowing or lending money and beware of theft or robbery. Best to curb your expenses. There is plenty of love luck in the dog year with a revival of excitement with existing partners. Single sheep will meet interesting new friends and be selective in finding a suitor from a close circle of friends. A challenging year for health with bad moods, depression and feeling low because of work stress levels. Make sure to have a break and share positive activities with friends.

MONKEY:  Very rewarding for male monkeys. This is the year to relocate and grab opportunities to excel. There will be difficult hurdles for the monkey to improve his reliability, trust and moral fibre. It is possible for the monkey to meet the perfect partner at places least expected such as a business trip, a crowded elevator or a neighbour’s BBQ party with a possibility that this person be from a different country. Attached monkeys should resist temptation. Avoid borrowing or gambling and try to save up this year. Health could be poor due to flu, fever and stomach aches. Eat and sleep well and exercise regularly to keep in good health.

ROOSTER:  The rooster may experience some setbacks with the dog’s more intellectual and moralistic requirements. The rooster could learn to be more humble, loving, caring and devoted as well as learning beyond the usual routines. There will be changes in love with a renewed faith and love in partners and perhaps love at first sight for single who dress up and go out. This is the year to learn new skills and change jobs. This year’s health is riddled with minor ailments of the digestive system. Eat fresh vegetables and fruit and get enough sleep.

PIG:  Pigs are laid back and easy going so the complicated thinking and sincerity of the dog will be difficult. Pigs need to learn to relax and pay more attention to details. Standing out may lead to promotions or increased responsibilities with more luck if the boss is a male. There is plenty of recognition and acclaim from friends that will bring good luck. On the romance side there is potential for love if you are more active than just staying at home. Wishes may come true if trying to have a baby. Health will be ok this year.


Personal feng shui cures for any of the above 12 animal signs may include using The Medicine Buddha for calming healthy energy, luck and protection from Kwan Yin, the Laughing Buddha, protection and strength in pairs such as the Chi Lin or Fu Dogs.

Putting up strong vibrant art images with potent energy will strengthen personal energy, or images you feel attracted to such as mountain tops, forests or open vistas will improve confidence and health.

Improve poor health with a vibrant lucky bamboo, air purifying plants, fountains, crystals and essential oils to keep the energy fresh and flowing.

 Wearing feng shui jewelry such as crystals and stones will work with your personal energy and harmonize any imbalances. Jewelry such as Pi Yao, the Dzi beads, double happiness signs, the mystic knot, or your own Chinese zodiac sign can be worn as an amulet, bracelet, key chain or pendant. Know when and how to take the time off so your energy is both     replenished and rejuvenated. 

For prosperity cures and to stabilize the wealth energy use a wealth vase, a money tree, Wu Lou (Chinese gourd), a wealth ship or red tassel with Chinese red coins. To counterbalance a negative star use a metal bell or singing bowl, salt water cure, or chi Lin cure in the East area of your home or office.  Also decorate the northwest area with metal element cures.

Feng shui love cures can be placed in your bedroom or living room, making sure your bedroom is fresh, crisp and nourishing not forgetting taking a love relationship for granted, paying attention to your close friends, or keeping your temper under control. You can further strengthen your love luck with mandarin ducks, art with peony flowers, small statue of lovers, double happiness sign, or 2 rose quartz hearts. Focus on self-love and patience rather than looking for love outside yourself.

Don’t forget to take good care of your Feng Shui health trinity (health, wealth, happiness) at home for a beautiful and successful 2018 !

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