"Pair of Lions Bring Good Luck in Queen Street"
Thank you for your excellent advice and suggestions on how to improve the Feng Shui in our Bank building. The ceremony involving the Lions in front of the building has now improved the flow of energy, as well as enhanced the building's appearance. We look forward to the resulting increased future prosperity.
HSBC Bank of Australia Brisbane head office.

Cathay Pacific

"Relocating of Office"
It was a wonderful idea to enhance the good luck of our office by Master Lo conducting a Feng Shui ceremony. We are delighted with the results and we look forward to Master Lo?s suggestions concerning our future office relocation.

Cathay Pacific Airways.


"Building Harmony Enhanced"
We are most appreciative of your Feng Shui consultative services which guided us in redeveloping the club. Many changes were made to the original plans and the end result is an open and free flowing environment which is now attracting many new members and visitors to the club.

Our successful operation has been enhanced through Master Lo's Feng Shui guidance with the result that the club is prospering even in the most difficult economic circiumstances.

Southside Community Sports Club

"Home happiness increased"
Master Tom Lo entered our home with happiness and joy making my wife and I feel comfortable with his advice for changes.  His suggestions were valuable and the changes that have occurred already are significant and many.

Rob & Angela Brown
PE Teacher & Human Resource Administrator



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