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Grandmaster Yip Man Wung Chun Hall Hong Kong

Grandmaster Yip Man

At Tom Lo Martial Arts Centres, you can study any of the five disciplines available to students.

First is Wing Chun Kung Fu, the world-famous Kung Fu system.  

Second is Chou Gar kung fu, another well-respected fighting art.

The third option available to students is Wu Style Tai Chi - the relaxing, yet powerful art of self-defence that also brings health and harmony.

The final 2 disciplines available to students are the more cultural Lion and Dragon Dances.

Click below for more information on any of the 5 disciplines available.

Click here for information on Wing Chun
Click here for information on Chou Gar
Click here for information on Tai Chi
Click here for information on Lion Dance
Click here for information on Dragon Dance



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