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As a means of achieving good health and relaxation, Tai Chi is claimed to revitalise and replenish a tired body and mind and restore good health to the sick by correcting many of the body's disorders. This art emphasises complete relaxation and suppleness, an expanded, open awareness which enhances concentration while creating an attitude of calm, detachment and harmony. The movements are flowing and continuous. No direct resistance is offered when the Tai Chi exponent is attacked. The aggressor, finding no place for the attack to land, is swept around and tossed to the side like a leaf in the wind. 

The Tai Chi exponent uses a series of throws and pushing motions which merge with the attacker's momentum to guide them spirally to the ground, defeated. 

Tai Chi revitalises and replenishes a tired body and mind! 

Tai Chi Chuan has been described as the ultimate martial way of life. It is an exercise for health, a martial art, and a pathway to philosophical wisdom.



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What the world says about tai and chi
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